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 Site Rules & Laws

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PostSubject: Site Rules & Laws   Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:10 pm

Freaky World is a site for everyone,so every one is equally respected.

The Rules of Freaky World site are :-

* The most active user will become da moderator 4 a month,suppose you are the most active user for this month so yo will become moderator for the next month.This is how moderator will be chosen and the progress will keep going.

*If any user make fake profile,create disturbance to other user or do any act that is abusing and against the site he will be banned.His IP (Internet Protocol') might also be banned and he will be no longer able to use Internet.

*Evryone got da right to beef,fite and say whateva they want only in the 'Fight BOX' forum,so just beef in da 'FIGHT BOX"' forum only.

*We are here for your service,so if u got any complains againt other user just let us know,send PM to da Admin / Moderator and we will take action.U can only complain if u have a proof and a valid reason.

*Dont ever post nude pics,videos or topics that is related with Country Politics and Terrorism.

*Moderation pwer will be taken away if the Moderator violate the site,creat trouble to other members or misuse his power.

*Members will be banned is they do violance like Racism.

*If u need any help then send Private message (PM) to the admin or the morderator.
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Site Rules & Laws
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